National & Regional Teams Players/Parents Agreement

Team and Squad Selection

We give great consideration to the teams and squads that we enter in our club tournaments, as well as the seedings or divisions that we place them in. Parents and players may or may not entirely agree with our choices or determinations for the teams and squads, but you must respect our decision making.


In Club v. Club, players are not playing for themselves or their own team, THEY ARE PLAYING FOR THE ENTIRE CLUB. College coaches pay attention to these events and they want to see players that accept their coaches’ decisions and play their best, with the best attitude.


We will do our best to put together squads who have the best opportunity to get a club win. There’s an entire strategy to consider related to partnerships, pairings, seedings, opponents, and many other factors that college coaches use to determine their lineups. I will ask that you please respect that we will try to do our best for everyone involved. Everyone always wants to play with the best players, but again, that doesn’t always translate to wins, especially in events where you need a squad to win 3 out of 5 games in order to win. Please respect that we are putting lots of thought into partnerships and seeding.

The Need for Inclusiveness

It’s not uncommon for players to be excluded from other beach clubs because they can’t make the time commitment, or do not have the financial ability to commit to a beach club. Stealth thinks that’s a travesty, and seeks to address it. Stealth players can be part of our club “whenever” they have the ability to participate. We do that for a number of reasons: First, not everyone is in a financial position to commit to weekly or monthly training sessions; second, some players live too far to make regular trainings work; and lastly, we want to create an opportunity for players to feel welcomed and included at our club whenever they can attend. The expectation is that our “regularly attending” club players and parents will accept and welcome all players equally into our club.


Being inclusive has its advantages. It allows all of our players the opportunity to partner with good players who otherwise might not be part of our club. These players have the opportunity to become “regular” attending members of our club (which several of them have, and will continue to do). It also improves the reach and quality of Stealth players.


Stealth gets calls from parents, clubs, and collegiate coaches from all over the country who are interested and comfortable sending some of their players to us because they know they’re going to get top-level training. That shows great respect to our club and our coaching staff and I want that to continue. If a player from out-of-town or out-of-state attends our practices, pays our club fees, plays with our players, and wants to represent Stealth in tournaments, that is a great thing for everyone and I hope you can all agree.

Being a Team During Club v. Club Events

When traveling as a group (or club), you need to be respectful of EVERY player and parent who will be attending, and stay loyal to Stealth. When you are not playing, we expect you to be cheering and rooting for all our Stealth athletes while they are competing.


We appreciate all of you that are competing in club events and want it to be the best experience for everyone involved. We hope to accommodate every player who wants to compete, so help us fill our squads so everyone who has expressed interest can play. Some parents graciously offer to house players whose parents are not able to make the trip, and we truly appreciate this gesture. Parents, if you are interested in chaperoning players at future events, please let me know.

Your Agreement

By signing up for a club vs. club event, players and parents agree to ALL the things I’ve stated above and wholeheartedly accept the decisions being made. We appreciate the time taken to read this page, and I trust that all agree with everything we’ve asked above.



Coach Brett