College Recruitment Questionnaires

What are college recruiting questionnaires?

Most college teams have online forms where a prospective student-athlete can fill in the requested information, which then gets sent to the college coach. These questionnaires can usually be found under the recruiting section of a school athletics website or within the individual team’s section.

Because recruiting questionnaires are an easy way for coaches to get your information, you might think that all you need to do is simply fill them out. However, college coaches might receive hundreds or even thousands of submissions a year. So, recruiting questionnaires are not the magic bullet for getting a coach’s attention. Instead, think of them as one of several steps you should take when reaching out to a college you are interested in.

Insider Tip:  Just because you can complete a questionnaire doesn’t mean you should. All of the recruiting best practices apply, such as doing your research on a team, making sure the school is a good fit, and writing personalized introduction letters.

Things to do before filing out a questionnaire:

Questionnaire Links

Below are some of the Colleges who show Recruitment Questionaire links on their websites. Check "More Links" if you don't see the questionaire on their main beach volleyball page.

Far West



This above list will be updated as colleges continue to provide us with recruiting questionaire information.
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