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Leslie Bugg (2023)

Name: Leslie Bugg

Graduating Year: 2023

State: Arizona

Phone Number: (602) 723-3863

Email: bugg2524@icloud.com

Position:  Split Blocker, Both Sides

Indoor (Court) Experience: 4 years - Outside Hitter, Defender

Height: 5'6"

Vertical: 21"

High School: Arcadia High School

GPA: 3.3

Academic Interests: Psychology and Art

Hobbies: Travel, Painting, Sculpting and Poetry

Community Service/Leadership: Student Government, Church Leadership, St. Vincent De Paul Volunteer, Young Poets

Best Accomplishment as a Player:  On High School Varsity Beach Team as a Freshman; Undefeated High School Season, State Championship Runner Up; State Final Four 2020 (Indoor/Court Volleyball)

Best Skill: Consistent; Effective Under Pressure

Skill Needing Improvement: Positioning

Fun Fact: I'm a Published Poet